Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh, The (Body) Hair Drama

This post was inspired by Kate Harding's guest blog about facial hair. Check it out here.

As you all know, I have PCOS. While it's major affect on the body is no ovulation, it does cause other symptoms, which include difficulty losing weight, and excess body hair.

Ah, the body hair. As I look at myself right now, it's time for a Veet session.

Prior to my diagnosis, I've always tended to be hairy. Now PCOS just exacerbates it. I've got hair everywhere: Arms, legs, upper lip, chin, and other places I don't care to mention.

Somedays it bothers me, somedays it doesn't. My chin hairs fortunately grow weirdly horizontal instead of down. Which makes them less noticeable. Mr. Salt doesn't mind it too much...except when he calls my chin hairs "billy goat" hairs. Thanks, dear. He also says this in Navajo, though I can't recall the spelling for it.

So now it's time for a Veet session. I use Veet because Nair burns me, and I don't like shaving. I slather two formulas on: The new shower version for my legs, and the pump version that I use for everything else. All this usually entails me sitting in the restroom for about twenty minutes, since Mr. Salt has a sensitive nose and doesn't like the smell. I jump in the shower afterwords.

I usually do this about once or twice a month. I probably should do it every weekend, but like I said, it doesn't bother me that much. But if I do have a major event to go to, I do Veet then. And I do Veet my underarms more often just for hygenie sakes.

Just another day in the life of a womn with PCOS.


P.S. Great quote of the day from Mr. Salt:

Mr. Salt: I'm just an Indian trying to live in the White Man's World.


Revlynn said...

Hey! You rarely pop into Fabebook anymore, huh? You know I just opened a spa here in town: so you need to give me a call and we can get you started on can help thino ut that hair growth.

Good luck to you both and take care. Just keep on keeping on!!!

Felicity said...

I would agree with revlynn myself about sugaring.

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Most women deal with this "hairy" situation. Most just don't tell... Whatever you do, just don't wax if you have a low pain tolerance. I tried it once and believe's a form of cruel and unusual punishment!

Anonymous said...

I to deal with PCOS. It's horrible, there's hair in places I didn't know hair could be in. I guess I have the really bad case. But it's hard for me. I have some dark marks under my chin from using veet a lot. I guess my skin is sensitive, and it will have to do until I can go to the doctor.
I can't wear the clothes that other women wear, and I'm 23. It's on my back, and shoulders the most. But it's nice to see I'm not alone...even thought my case might be worse than others.