Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Identifies You?

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Mr. Salt is now an International Kokopelli of Mystery.

He has just returned from his first international trip to Zurich, Switzerland for his job. I was so jealous. But I did get Swiss Chocolate out of it. (Yum!)

Being that this was his first international trip, he had to get a passport. Since he was in a rush he had to get it expedited, so that meant chasing down all the needed paperwork identifying himself.

While most people have a driver's license, a birth certificate, a social security card, and maybe a Selective Service card that identifies them, Mr. Salt has one other important piece of information.

His CIB. Otherwise known as the Certificate of Indian Blood.

On this thin piece of paper, Mr. Salt's CIB indicates his name, his degree of Navajo blood (4/4 or full blooded Navajo), and census number from the Tribal Roll as recorded by the Navajo Nation.

The CIB is very important. Being recorded shows that you are a recognized member of the Navajo Nation. It also allows you access to all the Tribal programs(such as free health care) when you need it.

When Mr. Salt and I have our Zhindians, they will be recorded as 2/4 degree Navajo (or one half Navajo). If I recall correctly, the Navajo Nation, by its laws, records people starting at 1/4 Navajo, but that may have changed.

As of the date on Mr. Salt's CIB(February 1980), there were around 200,000 Navajos on the Tribal Rolls. This number has grown by now.


P.S. Officially, the document is called the Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood, but those on the Rez(and my husband) call it the CIB. Some even know their CIB Roll Number by heart.