Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glad to see ya!

TMI warning for the post, just in case.

Here's a conversation I had with Mr. Salt the other day:

DB: No zhindians this month...But at least my cycle started.
Mr. Salt: That's good.
DB: Must be the corn pollen.
Mr. Salt: You know, shi ma(SaltMama, Mr. Salt's mom) said that some people back home on the Rez are mixing drugs with corn pollen now.
DB: ...What?
Mr. Salt: It was talked about on Navajo Hour on Rez Radio (660 KTNN-AM). Some Medicine Man was probably blessing someone with the corn pollen and they both got high.
A day in the life of being Mrs. Salt.

I've never been so glad to start on my cycle. Or to see it. Hated when I was young. Like seeing it now...though it comes with disappointment now these days. It shows that my drugs are working.

People in my PCOS post mentioned natural remedies regarding regulating one's cycle. If you're still out there, e-mail me or send me a comment about some suggested herbs to take with Metmorphin, or what to take in general. I'm really getting serious about this.

In the mean time, I'm going (and Mr. Salt too) are going low carb. Mr. Salt moreso is going on Atkins. I pretty much have to go low carb since I'm taking Metmorphin, or else I get some really interesting side effects of the gastrointestinal kind. It'll be hard...I love bread and pasta, but that may have gotten me insulin resistant in the first place.

Also, we got a used Gazelle Elite for sixty bucks (thank you Craig's List). I need to use it more, and Mr. Salt has been on it every morning. He also joined the Biggest Loser at work. Ironically, he complained about all the skinny people who do not have much or any to lose being on his team. Now I have to lose for everyone, he said.

I love my Salt.



Anonymous said...


I love Craigslist too! :) Back in January I was able to sell my barely used exercise bike for $25 on there. Then the very next day I turned around and bought an older used treadmill for only $ in effect I only spent $75 for a great treadmill! We had to drive about 45 minutes out to the suburbs to pick it up, but it was definitely worth it!

It's great that your medication is working for you! :) I wanted to send you a link to an herbalist website because I believe he may have some insight regarding herbs/dietary/lifestyle modifications that can possibly address your PCOS. His website address is: His name is Djehuty. My husband and I are both big fans of his! I've been following some of his suggestions and those of my TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor too and so far so good! :) Let me know what you think about his website. Good luck with going low-carb! I know you can do it! I'm still a vegan, but I'm no longer doing the ultra low-fat thing...that only lasted about 1 week!:( I was entirely too stressed out without my daily bit of nuts, avocado, and coconut milk too. I also now have returned to food combining which you will see mentioned on the website. I did my own version of it in my mid teens up until my mid 20's with much success. Returning to it has been like a homecoming of sorts for me. In addition though, I recently decided to once again go grain-free (no wheat, oats, rice, corn, and so on). Now, I've also removed all potatoes and most all legumes (beans)from my diet too. For many years I've been wheat/gluten, corn, and oat intolerant so getting rid of grains wasn't all that hard for me.

One last thing, I don't know if you're interested, but there's quite a few very good books that have been written about low-GI (glycemic index diets). They're supposed to be extremely beneficial for people with diabetes/blood sugar-level related concerns. I've ordered two books from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I'll keep checking back! Do let me know what you and Mr. Salt think of Djehuty's website! Take care! :)

Felicity said...

I don't know if you can get Royal Jelly, try the high strength 500 mg (fresh) not the freeze dried one. But what you are taking sounds good. Keep up the good work!