Friday, April 18, 2008

Pills, pills, pills...

Again, TMI warning.

After much research(thanks ChelB for the website), I've finally plotted which pills to take in order to restore some balance thrown out of whack by PCOS. Here's what I'm taking thus far.

  • Metmorphin (for insulin resistance)
  • Vitex/Chaseberry (to get my female hormones balanced so I don't need Progesterone pills to start my cycle)
  • Black Cohosh (for hormones and to help with my cycle. I get terrible cramps now that I'm off the pill)
  • Multivitamin (for diet and folic acid)
  • Mucinex (thins out the mucus...everywhere)
All pills except for the Mucinex and multivitem, I'm taking twice a day. I need to take my Metmorphin three times a day, but I have to work up to it (and remember to take it).

Pill total: 8. Yikes!

Now that I'm doing low carb, my Metmorphin doesn't bother me as much. Which is a good thing.

I wonder if I should throw in some corn pollen, too...



Anonymous said...

DineBoo..Thanks for stopping over at my blog tonight! ;) I'm thrilled that the website link/information I gave you was helpful! I visited Djehuty's website every day for a few weeks just to read and absorb a lot of the wonderful information he has there! The free articles he writes are masterpieces in my opinion. It's truly some life-changing (for the better) information!

Are you exercising a little more now? From what I've read it is really beneficial in balancing female hormones too. Luckily, you found your sweet deal on Craigslist so at least you have your machine right there in your house so there's no going to the gym! Ugh..I am not a gym person at all!
It sounds like your low-carb lifestyle is getting easier for you everyday! This is a good thing. So, it's 8 pills a day that you have to least it's not 20. At least you won't need to do this forever and as a bonus you and Mr. Salt will end up with a beautiful baby boy/girl or maybe even twins...who knows! ;) Feel free to stop over at my blog anytime!

tasha said...

Longtime lurker, first time poster.

I too struggle with PCOS, and I'm 24. After becoming a nurse did I realize what PCOS really is, and although I haven't been diagnosed with it, I have the classic symptoms.

I currently take Metformin also (because I'm a diabetic), but twice a day, along with a female hormone herbal supplement. So far, it's working. And truth, a low-carb diet and definitely exercising is best. The best part: no more "runs" to the bathroom!

I wish the best for you and your husband through this process, and much success!

Jaha Knight said...

I just wrote a whole post about PCOS and the effects of it. I've read a good bit about what you're going through with conceiving and believe me, it's possible. I have PCOS and I have an 8 year old daughter (found out when trying to conceive) so you will have that baby you've been dreaming about. My friend (the herbalist) also recommended black cohosh for me, and I'm taking metmorphin now. I take dong quai for hormonal balance, I drink it as a tea. If you stop with dairy you will be able to thin your mucus naturally. (My daughter has asthma and removing dairy from her diet helped tremendously with her breathing.

I enjoyed reading your blog!

Love & Light,

jaha Knight
The Original Soulphisticated Lady