Sunday, March 30, 2008

Of Zhindians and Corn Pollen

Long time no post, everyone.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Salt and I babysat for my friend's children while they took a well deserved outing out of town for their anniversary. In addition to their older boys, they are taking care of a toddler they recently gained guardianship of. The toddler pretty much knows what is expected of him, but he can leave a mess.

And boy did he.

He's potty trained pretty well, but he had an accident. And not of the first kind. The poor kid had gotten "number two" all over himself, and had attempted to hide it to no avail. Mr. Salt kindly(and promptly) gave him to me to clean up. Use it as practice, he said.


I think I did surprisingly well. After an initial gaging session (It was bright green, y'all), I cleaned him up real good and calmed him down. Not bad for a girl that didn't have younger siblings or babysat growing up.

So that the little guy wouldn't have an accident again, Mr. Salt brilliantly sent him to the bathroom on the hour. It was genius. Might have to remember that if/when we babysit again.

Later, after all that, it kinda got us thinking seriously about having zhindians. So we're getting serious. From my medication, to thermometers, and charting. I joked with Mr. Salt that he should sprinkle corn pollen on me to speed things up.

Corn is sacred to the Dine. Corn pollen symbolizes the birth or start of new life or new places. When we moved to our new place, I sprinkled corn pollen on all the doors and windows. Blesses our new place, and gets rid of the old ways.

Mr. Salt hasn't done it yet, but who knows....


P.S. Thanks to everyone who responded on my last two posts, as well as the PCOS one. I do want to respond to them in a concise way, so be on the look out for that. -DB


Mimi said...

Lol, ten bucks says that poor little boy had sweet potatoes before you babysat him, DineBoo. They can really do a number on you(no pun intended).

Anonymous said...'s good to see your latest posting. I hope all is well with you and your husband! :) I'm always peeking at your blog to see what's new! Take care! :)