Saturday, March 1, 2008

Politics, FaceBook, Gaming, and other stuff

While I think up another post, here are random thoughts and news:

Anyone on FaceBook? Look me up by searching for Kim Toney from the ATX. Also, anyone playing X-Box 360 games? Look for DineBoo on X-Box live. Mr. Salt is on there, too, but you have to play a mean game of Halo 3.

I am very happy that the game Mass Effect (X-Box 360) allowed me to create a black female character that kicks all kinds of ass. You rarely get this in other games. Bioware take a bow.

I may not talk politics on this blog, but I will say that Mr. Salt was very impressed that Sen. Barack Obama mentioned Native Americans in his speech accepting Sen. Ted Kennedy's endorsement.

The Salt Clan(Mr. Salt's maternal clan) is asking about future zhindians.

Anyone want to start that BW-Non white man community we've been talking about the past few weeks? I'm interested.



Ms ABC said...

With you all way here DineBoo. IMHO surplus is controlled by supply and demand. If all black women who wanted to "date out" sought white men exclusively then your chances of marrying a white man goes down expediently, therefore hurting your chances of getting married at all.

It boggles the mind that black women who have taken that first step towards opening their options have limited themselves to a specific race once again.

I think this attitude is reinforced by the false notion that it can only be IR if the people involved are black and white. I guess in some cases expanding your dating options isn't the same as expanding your mind. Great blog post :)

Ms ABC said...

Sorry I posted the comment to wrong post :(