Monday, August 27, 2007

The Kokopelli...Made in China

This past weekend, Mr. Salt and I visited a local Trading Post. This Trading Post buys and sells Native American arts and crafts. While Mr.Salt went off to find a Dine made Dreamcatcher for a friend of his, I headed for the stuffed Kokopellis.

What's a Kokopelli? In short, a Kokopelli is flute player that can be a trickster, as well as bring good harvests and help with fertility. The Wikipedia article linked goes more in depth.

I love Kokopellis. Even though they mostly identify with the Hopi and the Zuni tribes, the Navajo also talk about them as well. Mr. Salt and I talk about them a lot. In our trips to trading posts and back home on the reservation, I'm always looking for them.

So while I was here, I bought the little stuffed Kokopelli pictured above. I've been meaning to by him since I saw him at the trading post last year. He's cute, don't you think?

After I bought him, I noticed a tag on his bottom with some wording I hadn't really paid any attention to. I took a closer look, and saw this message:

"Made in China...Not a Native American made product."

Who would have thought it. Kokopelli's have been outsourced to China!

But, it does make you think about what other products in the Trading Post have been made in China...

DineBoo, who still loves her Kokopelli regardless. And yes, I really know that this a "neutered" Kokopelli.

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Anonymous said...

The image you have posted is the EXACT kokopelli product that I've been looking for! If you know where I can buy him please, PlEASE let me know